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Magda Krzyzanowska


WonderMa is an application that helps mothers recognize early symptoms of possible mental illness, lets know where to seek help and provides support. The main features are: -> expert chat - you are able to chat with an expert who is chosen basing on how you feel -> love yourself section where you can read about coping strategies -> moms - a social network where you will find mothers with a similar mood -> help section - you can: find professional help in your city by indicating your location, screen yourself (feature based on national screening tools) or read about mental illnesses related to motherhood The WonderMa was created based on my research as well as consultations with: Ms Lisiane Latouche, Director Social Work/Psychology at Tresillian; Dr Nicole Highet Executive Director And Founder at COPE; and Ms Chris Barnes Clinical Psychologist at Gidget Foundation Australia

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