Team Members

Victoria Tran

UX Designer, Consultancy/Freelancer, Product Designer

Jared Capili

UX Designer, Consultancy/Freelancer, Graphic Designer

Jayce Gao

Web Designer, Developer

Joshua Townsend-Long

UX Designer, Consultancy/Freelancer, Product Designer

Han Yi Peng

UX Designer, UX Researcher, Product Designer


Currently school crossings fail to deliver a mainstream solution to engage young pedestrians to exercise safe crossing behaviours, due to its static perception where the active school environment overemphasises this problem. This decreasing value of a crossing has seen the ongoing decision to jaywalk, which underscores a disconnecting experience that is more due to necessity rather than for enjoyment and choice.

Whirlpool is an interactive instalment that is designed to complement a standard zebra crossing in a school zone, aiming to increase the children’s desire to use the crossing by creating a dynamic appeal. This is achieved through progressive lures that are delivered in the form of lights and water for an unobtrusive display. Whirlpool’s dynamic appeal also creates a point of recognition for children, positioning them to easily locate and curiously want to use the crossing, rather than crossing prematurely. Once the user is within the set range of the sensor, a rising whirlpool will appear whilst the lights will change colours and patterns, based on the user's proximity to the instalment. As users safely cross the road, a victorious sound effect will play for a feeling of accomplishment, whilst the whirlpool drains until the next user arrives.

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