Walk with me

Team Members

Elizabeth Hennessey

UX Designer, UI Designer, Consultancy/Freelancer

Celia Stewart

UX Designer, UI Designer, Service Designer

Madeleine Satterthwaite

UX Designer, UI Designer, Web Designer

Jace Ng

Web Designer, Developer


It’s not uncommon to feel unsafe at night. For many individuals, a combination of psychological and environmental factors work together to distort their perceived safety, resulting in feelings of discomfort, unease, and panic. In other words, while we may be able to rationalise that a given context should be safe, unfortunately there is often a nagging feeling inside us that says otherwise. Our research aimed to uncover why it is that our safety may feel threatened at night, and how we respond in these instances, in order to develop a solution that grants urban dwellers the right to feel safe when travelling alone at night.

‘Walk with Me’ is a companion concept designed to comfort late night commuters. Through light and animation, ‘Walk with Me’ aims to distract travellers from unsettling thoughts by providing an interactive source of mental distraction. The concept works by auto-generating projections unique to each user in order to evoke a feeling of connectedness with a display that travels alongside them as they walk, and which reacts to individual movements and interactions. ‘Walk with Me’ also incorporates elements of wayfinding to direct users in poorly lit environments to their destinations.

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