Pollution in Ulaanbaatar

Team Members

Connor Meehan

Creative Technologist, Creative Developer

Jodie Clothier

UX Designer, Product Designer

Miriam Green

UX Designer, UI Designer


Every winter the skies of close up over Mongolia’s most populated city, Ulaanbaatar, and a cloak of pollution sits for months on end. It is here where year round pollution levels average 133 times the WHO recommended level, where harrowing statistic and other harrowing statistic. Most shockingly is that these conditions are typically only present in cities with 10s of millions of citizens in highly-dense urban environments, Ulaanbaatar has neither. In Ulaanbaatar: Choked by Pollution we explore the unique situation of this pollution through interactive, immersive data visualisation, completed for DECO3100: Information Visualisation studied during my Bachelor of Design Computing at the University of Sydney. To interact simply scroll down, hover on elements to display more information and click on the pollution stations to show a high resolution image of the surrounding urban environment.

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