The Natural, for the Built

Team Members

Jason Moisiadis

UX Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer


My work is an exploration of the changing of colour between the Urban and the Country. While I was commuting on public transport, I started to notice how different each environment was. In the country, my view is dominated by the Natural - skies, trees and grass, and then roads, and houses, and street lights. In the city, it is the opposite. Everything is Built - buildings, and signs, and billboards, and traffic lights, all right up in your face. You only see the sky filtered through the built environment, with trees and other plants only where they fit into the program.

My work takes you through that commute and gives you a view through my window, showing this change in Scape. How we leave “the natural, for the built.” City Lights giving way to Country Skies; But also Country Skies falling behind City Lights.

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