Team Members

Yida Tan

Jessica Fernandez

Graphic/Animation & Game Design

Abhinav Bose

UX Designer, Web Designer, UX Researcher

Annie Han

UX Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer

Evelyn Yew

UX Designer, UI Designer, Web Designer


The Eye is a virtual reality (VR) experience designed to create awareness for mental health through an approachable and engaging medium. In the scope of "Re-Imagining Cities", The Eye was created to place a focus on community engagement, as the communities that make up a "city" are just as important to its' definition as the physical infrastructure that holds them. Especially in this modern day and age, it is vital that the emerging social trend of destigmatising mental health can\ continue to further improve communities as a whole. Through the application users are exposed to feelings of social isolation, anxiety and stress in the form of various mini games and simple overarching narration to tie the experience together.

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