Team Members

Oliver Frohlich

UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researcher

Reginald Oke

UX Designer, Product Designer

Patrick Brennan

UX Designer, UX Researcher, Product Designer

Tom Clarke

UX Designer, UI Designer, Web Designer, UX Researcher


Tack-Tiles is a piece of smart pavement infrastructure, alerting pedestrians about roadside traffic conditions. Our concept aims to improve the ground surface indicators already present in most developed cities. While existing designs have proven effective in defining hazards, they lack effectiveness in conveying the type of obstacle present and alerting users to changes in traffic conditions.

Tack-Tiles are modular pads that are designed to be implemented at zebra crossings and unmarked crossings, where there is currently no smart infrastructure. Visually they will appear almost identical to the existing tactile indicator pads you see at crossings already with the addition of a LED lighting and other electronics embedded beneath the pad.

The pads are linked to an ultrasonic sensor that detects the presence of cars. When cars are detected the Tack-Tiles vibrate at a steady pulse and a red LED flashes for those with partial sight. When it is safe to cross the Tack-Tiles vibrate rapidly as the LEDs turn green and verbal instructions notify users. These signals replicate design patterns that Sydneysiders are familiar with from current pedestrian crossing buttons. The decision was made to replicate these existing signals so that new users do not need to be taught how to use the product, and the likelihood of confusion or misinterpreting the signals is reduced.

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