Reflection VR

Team Members

Fuad Soudah

Creative Technologist


Reflection is a Unity-based project that is activated by sound (music), the microphone influences it, though, so hopefully I could just deactivate the microphone for the duration of the show. The project should probably be positioned somewhere that I could have the music played back with the computer's speakers and yet so that it does not disturb others around. An alternative could be to have headphones but since there will be large numbers of people at gradshow, speakers may be ideal. After having spoken to Jingxuan Cao, I had the impression Savant project could also be included. It's just a website, so it wouldn't take much space and it could run on any computer (or tablet, or smartphone - made it responsive). Let me know if you'd like me to provide additional details on this. My three submitted projects can potentially be set one next to the other with AT positioned in the middle, as that's the only one that requires physical space for people to interact with. AT is also the only project that I worked on as a team, the other two I've done by myself.

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