Team Members

Peter Chin

Penny Ou

UX Designer, UI Designer, Consultancy/Freelancer

Janina Osinsao


Pick Me Up is an app designed to help social workers identify signs of burnout early and encourage them to be proactive about their breaks. Social work is a profession that involves practising empathy on a daily basis. This has lead to a high level of burnout and turnover in the field. In finding a solution, we discovered that it is difficult to introduce organisation change such as improving resources in the workplace or quality of supervision.

'Pick Me Up' has been designed to be self-initiative. It encourages social workers to take breaks throughout their working days, allowing them to record what activities took place i.e. mindfulness, taking a walk, doodling. At the end of the day or when they are home, 'Pick Me Up' switches to night mode. Here, social workers can reflect upon their day by writing or voicing how they felt. 'Pick Me Up' aims to be a tool that socials workers can use to see how taking breaks can be beneficial and to encourage them to be proactive in reducing burnout.

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