Team Members

Jodie Clothier

UX Designer, Product Designer

Miriam Green

UX Designer, UI Designer

Mikkel Astrom

Product Designer, Industrial Designer

Taha Kanj

UX Designer, UI Designer, Web Designer


Oasis is a pocket of tranquility within urban parks and greenspaces, providing a respite from stress-inducing noise pollution. Oasis consists of a large angled wall with integrated speakers, interactive light discs and greenery placed in parks and greenspaces. Oasis picks up the environmental noise pollution, predominantly road traffic, and actively transforms it into a more pleasant listening experience which is played through the speakers. The light discs turn to allow users to customise the sound to their liking, each corresponding to a specific tone they can turn up or down. Users sit in front of the wall and can relax with their desired soundscape, with calming lights to help them unwind. Oasis aims to reduce exposure to noise pollution in urban greenspaces, targeting users who frequent parks to relax and unwind, with the overall goal of positively impacting the health and wellbeing of urban communities.

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