Team Members

Tram Tran

UX Designer, UX Researcher


Finding ways in big cities characterised by a high density of streets and buildings has always been a challenge for urban dwellers. With 68% of the world's population projected to live in urban areas by 2050 (United Nations, 2018), coming up with a new approach to effectively aid navigations is particularly significant. Augmented Reality, with its ability to minimise abstraction in the interface, is taking an essential place in the user experience.

A large amount of research has investigated how hand-held AR could support pedestrian navigation with directional cues in the environment. However, very few studies have explored how the future AR HMD, with a field of view approaching human peripheral vision, could display a map in the world space.

In this exploratory study, we simulated an AR HMD pedestrian navigation solution in VR with three different map positions, map upfront, map on street, and map on hand. The system was, however, not purely map-based navigation. The users could switch between the map view and the directional arrow view at will during navigation.

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