Neo Kinesis

Team Members

Mandy Manrao Luo

UX Designer, UX Researcher, Consultancy/Freelancer, Product Designer, Service Designer

Jiyoung Park

UX Designer

Evelyn Yew

UX Designer, UI Designer, Web Designer

Annie Yi Han

UX Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer

Jackman Ce Zhang

UX Designer, UX Researcher, Product Designer


With an increasing number of pedestrian incidents occurring at night worldwide each year, narrowing down our research suggests a large reason for this is lack of pedestrian awareness at crossing environments. The culprit? Distracted walking from phone zombies. So we asked ourselves: "How might we ensure pedestrian safety when crossing at night by attracting their attention and making their pedestrian experience more enjoyable?" Introducing Neo Kinesis: an interactive instalment that aims to provide entertainment at the crossing while still prioritising safety. Utilising a Kinect motion controller, pedestrians can use their hands to easily draw interesting designs displayed on a large LCD screen. Various colours and pattern effects are assigned to each player at random, allowing up to 6 players to interact at a time, while always displaying the remaining red light waiting and green light crossing times. Propped at the side of the road just before the crossing, Neo Kinesis serves to provide fun and quick entertainment while waiting, still ensuring pedestrians can interact safely away from traffic by getting them to look up and away from their phones.

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