Mindfullness Hearth

Team Members

Adam Vozzo

UX Designer, Product Designer, Game Design and Development

Patrick Hwang

UX Designer, Product Designer, Venture Designer

Viktor Zivzec

UX Designer, Sound Designer

Edward Huang

UX Designer, UI Designer


Loud and disruptive environments can often induce sensory overload, stress and social anxiety to individuals with mental health conditions, thus creating a barrier that prevents people from thriving within their environment, particularly in urban areas. We aimed to design an accessible solution so individuals can overcome that barrier, in order to succeed within the city environment.

Our solution is an experience inspired by traditional hearths and campfires with the essence of reflection and relaxation to help people to overcome the mental pressure of city life. The overall goal of the Mindfulness Hearth is relaxation, as part of a multi-sensory, absorptive, and social experience. It can be enjoyed by many people at once thanks to the holographic pyramid display that allows several unique viewing angles.

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