Team Members

Maysa Wozeer

UX Designer, UX Researcher, Digital Designer

Grace Lu

Selena Ung

UX Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer


Similar to 100 years ago, people today are still getting ill from drinking contaminated water, but one key change since then, is technological advancements. The Advanced Capture of Water from the Atmosphere – ACWA team has introduced the possibility to leverage nanostructured materials to maximise the capture of atmospheric moisture and thereby produce a sustainable source for clean drinking water. Access to clean water is a human right that is currently being ignored for 59% of the Indian slum population. Around 38 million people do not have access to water and must rely on stealing contaminated water or buying it for 40x the actual price of water.

We want to tackle this problem and provide everyone with their basic human right to have access to clean water. LiveWell is a non-profit making this possibility a reality through our self-sustaining well.

LiveWell is a self-sustaining well that collects water in three different ways to provide individuals with access to clean water. Our new technology would enable a single well to produce 152L of clean water daily. LiveWell is a multifaceted solution that improves the entire journey of collecting water from collection to transportation.

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