Team Members

Travis Low

UX Designer, UX Researcher, Design Innovation


"iBreath is a diagnosis and management tool for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, that utilises gamification strategies to create and sustain engagement with users. Designed for early diagnosis in the Chinese market, the prototype application is the result of research conducted into existing mobile health (mHealth) applications and the potential for such an application and gamification strategies to work for Chinese users.

Upon downloading the application, users would respond to a series of questions in regards to their current health status, living conditions and current experience of any COPD symptoms. This would then lead into the testing stage, where users would blow into the phone and the audio would be analysed. (This technology is not apart of this research project). This would generate a Chinese garden, which the user can manage and care for by completing further lung tests and training.

The garden and its unlockable items create a set of goals for a user to achieve, providing motivation for the user to play the game and care for their garden as well as motivation to improve their health.

The final prototype has been developed in inVision Studio and is focused around the three main components of the application; Testing, Tracking and Training. While a full version of the application would have users to blow into their phone during the testing and training stages, this interaction can not be performed in this prototype.

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