Team Members

Ludia Kim

Maysa Wozeer

UX Designer, UX Researcher, Digital Designer

Brittany Klaassens


14.9 million passengers travel via the Sydney International Airport yearly and expect a fast and efficient level of service. This unfortunately, is not always the case with our research showing that the Sydney International Airport needs to focus on improving services for travellers in the three main areas of wayfinding, providing updates and security.

FriendBot is an autonomous robot that we have designed to enhance travellers experience within airports. This bot greets travellers upon entering the airport, guides them through the security processes, and finally to the travellers’ boarding gate. While waiting for boarding, FriendBot provides a range of convenient and entertainment services including food and duty-free delivery, movies and live notifications relevant to the user.

This autonomous bot aims to improve the wayfinding, communication of updates to travellers and overall sense of security to each user of the Sydney International Airport.

FriendBot makes every trip feel like you’re in first class.

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