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Miranda Phillips

Lindsey Page


For most women falling pregnant is a joyous and memorable time in their lives. However, for too many women this experience can be overshadowed by the stress and confusion associated with the diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). GDM is the fastest growing type of diabetes in Australia with between 12-14% of pregnant women diagnosed every year. Current treatments on the market are invasive, inconvenient and often times isolating to women.

Glucotek Inc. is a medical tech company founded by Tamara Mills, that has designed a pair of earrings for women suffering from GDM. The earrings, when worn, are able to constantly monitor a women’s blood glucose levels and other relevant data in a non-invasive manner eliminating the need for finger-prick tests. Doula is designed to accompany the earrings, acting as the feedback system for users to view, enter and monitor their daily readings. Designed to empower women to take control of their health and allow them to feel in control of what is often an overwhelming period of their lives the app aims to remind them of the joys of being pregnant and provides them with the tools to effectively manage their condition.

The researchers involved in this project have spent the last year examining how a co-design approach could be utilising to assist in the creation of a mobile health application. Specifically looking at how features and functionality could improve the current GDM experience to promote long term behavioural change.

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