Team Members

John El-Khoury Antonios

Jaeho Choi

UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researcher

Jessica Amy Fernandez

Graphic/Animation & Game Design

Darren Phung

UX Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer


CopyCat makes it easier for people to approach others with a hearing impairment. Our mission is to raise awareness of people with hearing impairments and build a more inclusive community. We educate the community about Australian sign language AUSLAN and with gamification, create an exciting learning environment that not only entertains the user but enables them to learn a new language. The game uses machine learning to learn and recognise people’s hand movements where they can compete to perform the given hand signs correctly. CopyCat also comes with a full stacked mobile website connected to a server that keeps players’ accumulated points. Players are able to learn more about Auslan, check the overall leaderboard and redeem rewards based on their points.

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