Face D_Tect

Team Members

Bethany Koulyras

UX Designer, UI Designer, Web Designer

Connor Meehan

Creative Technologist, Creative Developer

Nathan Judges

UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researcher

Benjamin Fleming

UX Designer, UX Researcher, Service Designer


Frame of support or empowerment of marginalised communities.

Our early design process taught us an important lesson: designing for these communities is not as simple as a once over with a magnifying glass and hypothesising a sandboxed solution. Creating products for these communities involves creating with them - to not do so quickly becomes exploitation.

We sought to explore a way we could change the way people think about practices in the urban environment that further entrench inequality. How could we use people with power to change this environment to the benefit of those without?

To interact with FACE D_TECT simply stand in front of the installation and watch the results as your face is analysed.

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