Team Members

Fuad Soudah

Creative Technologist


Imagine a reality in which you could speak to your doctor. Or anyone in particular. And you could view this person in a photorealistic manner but you could also see them in abstract ways. They could become butterflies. A set of squares. Glowing hearts. Or donuts. You could change the appearance of this person by just saying how you would like to perceive them as. And you could explore this person from different angles. You could also turn on subtitles, so that you know what they’re talking about. You could use gestures, facial expressions and other means to trigger the way you will see the other person. And at the same time, what you’ll say and how you’ll act will be analysed to define who you are, what your personality is and potentially what disorders you may be suffering from, so that you can receive help, if necessary. Grand vision but at the time, feel free to explore the butterflies, hearts and donuts part of it. You’ll become whatever you’d like yourself to become. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

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