Team Members

Oliver Frohlich

UX Designer, UX Researcher, UI Designer

Elizabeth Hennessey

UX Designer, UX Researcher, UI Designer

Celia Stewart

UX Designer, UI Designer, Service Designer

Claire Web


42.7% of rural communities in Nigeria have a lack of access to safe drinking water , due to drought and contamination. In addition, factors such as high unemployment and extreme climate variability leave about a third of Nigerian children facing premature death as a result of malnutrition. Access to safe food and water isn’t just a need, but a basic human right. How can we make a difference?

Afya (Swahili for ‘health’) is a humanitarian greenhouse solution that utilises water-harvesting and hydroponic technology to support rural African communities in establishing their own food and water sources. The aim is to improve health, whilst also offering entrepreneurial and business opportunities to disadvantaged communities.

Afya volunteers teach communities how to harness the power of agriculture for self-sufficiency, by teaching them how they can use technology to cultivate their own fresh produce. By doing so, we’ll help communities establish their own food and water sources, and discover the importance of health and nutrition to forge generational change. We also pride ourselves on extending education from agricultural production to supplying workshops such as ‘How to be an entrepreneur’. We want to ensure villagers are the most equipped to run a successful business from every perspective.

Afya was developed in collaboration with the University of Sydney Nano-Science Hub, in response to a brief seeking new products the utilised atmospheric water-harvesting technology.

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